Mr. President, you are the will of the people.

Ronald Altieri - July 12 2011, 12:51 PM

Honorable Mr. President Martelly,

It is with great sense of joy that I started to write these words, and I hope they find you well. As you know, there is great sense of deep breathing enthusiasm attached to the confirmation of your chosen Prime Minister, Mr. Gousse.

And, we are certainly very proud to see how you have handled what we know is only the start of a long, tough and very difficult battle to set our motherland on a stable path to a brighter future.

But that is the reason why you are our President, because we know that it is you that this time in our history has called to face and fight this battle.

The enemies of progress who have been lurking in the dark are now afraid of your light pointing towards success.

And, they will plunge the country into a more devastating predicament rather than to a positive change for Haiti.

The darkness of their minds and the secret rooms they have been operating in, under a pretense of democracy, have been benefiting them well; while the misery prolongs and envelops our people

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