I have been for the longest bringing the danger that this...

Kamoken Scandinavia - July 16 2011, 9:47 PM

I have been for the longest bringing the danger that this nation of Prostitutes and drug dealers represent for us. Sometimes there are some on this blog feeling themselves inferiors may-have tried to downplay the danger.

TO those trashes over there in our Dixieme Department, called the Dominican Republic, we must find a final solution to them. We must once and for all reduce or take away that aggression from them.
That is the only reason why I can not stand this boy Aristide for having taken away the Lilitary...ans a matter of facts, when we had 100.000 Tonton Macoutes, they were always scared, terrified of us. I know what I am talking about- I was in Mexico City with some of them and I heard them convey to other Hispanic that fear.
I hope to see in my lifetime and albeit soon to find an endliche Losung dafur( a final solution for that problem>
Let's take note and remember those in our Republic that have ignored those kinds of behaviour from those trashes will be treated just like them.

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Antoine Simon,wou touche ke'wmen anpil. Sel bagay...


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