Dominicans are killing Haitians & Haitian men are paying Dominican Women

Camille Jeffrard-morisset - July 16 2011, 11:01 PM

Why literacy is higher in Dominican Republic and they have more Dominican women work as prostitutes than Haitian women?

Answer is cultural pride
Why Haitian men are patronizing the Dominican prostitutes in Dominican Republic, Haiti, Bahamas, Jamaica, in St. Lucia, Brazil, Venezuela, Trinidad, Surinam, USA, Canada, Europe while bypassing the Haitian prostitutes or pay them less monies than the Dominicans?

The West Indians women believe those Dominican women are a public menace to them.
Answer is self-hatred due to colonial legacy
Where are those Dominican prostitutes?

Some government officials meet them in Haitian "kafes" and beg them to marry them! This has been going in Haiti since the American occupation in Haiti in 1915 until today.

Be seen with me to improve my image.

It is like winning a trophy for a dark skin Haitian to be seen in the company of a light skin Dominican.

In United States they met them at the "Talibans" run by certains Haitian nightclubs in Florida, New York, Massachusetts, Georgia,New Jersey, Rhodes Isl, Pennsylvania, California, Connecticut or at the dollar dance clubs run by Hispanics or at the sex clubs including stripping clubs, cleaning lady agencies, babysitter agencies and maid

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