Organize ourselves for swift retaliation whenever Dominican kill Haitian

Grenadier A L Assault - July 17 2011, 11:47 PM

Rafael Leónidas Trujillo Molina killed 38,000 Haitians.

Nothing substantial was done to compensated those Haitian families but lip services.

Every year scores of Haitians are killed in Dominican Republic and the Haitian government has done nothing because some of those government people have Dominican wife or girlfriend.

This time the Dominican Government refuses to show the picture of the killer.

He or his family or relatives might have ties with the Dominican Government that is why his picture is not released in newspapers but if the killer was a Haitian his picture will be available worldwide.

1- We must publish on the internet the list of any Haitian in the government that has a history of patronizing the Dominican Talibans, Dominican sex establishment or has wife, girl friend or economic ties with the Dominican Republic because such individual tend to cover up for the Dominican misdeeds.

Last time the beheaded an Haitian in front of camera.

The killer get Scott free because some of Preval government official wife and girlfriends are Dominican.[ do your homework and you will find out who they are]
2- We must have organization among the student in Dominican Republic that record every aspect of discrimination toward the Haitian in Dominican Republic and publish them on the internet
3- We should set up an organization to gather all type of information about the Dominican information we will use to our benefits in time of crisis.

4- Dominican will do anything for money.

We must be able to keep a few white Dominican on our payroll.

We will use them to penetrate where we cannot go and to do mission that are too risky for us.
4- We should have special commandos to reciprocate anywhere, whenever one of our people is victimized in Dominican Republic.

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Grenadier,this is one of the reasons we need an Army with strong men and women in Haiti. We need also assassins to send around the world to do special skill,precision jobs to protects our Haitians citizens brothers and sisters. We reserves the righ more »

Kamoken Scandinavia says...

Well Grenadier and Alexandre It seems like I am finally having some feedback about this Dominican Problem. Die Nazional Socialisten avaient envisage l'idee d'une solution finale...Et maintenant en ce moment historique, nous Haitiens devons trouver more »

Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Kamoken,keep me posted with new info,thanks. Something need to be done. Enough is enough,i think we should neutralize our elites first. more »

Grenadier A L Assault says...

Well, we should fight with our wit, intelligence not with our stupidity and emotions. When we retaliate, our retaliation should have spectacular psychological impact that will compel them to go out of their way to prevent mistreatment of the Haitians more »

Sam Alexandre says...

The Dominican that killed the Haitian woman is an military in the Dominican Airforce. more »

Kamoken Scandinavia says...

Grenadier That was a brilliant piece and I congratulate you for the insight. Let me tell Grenadier, I was in Mexico City in the 1990"s and when I was invited to dance with a Dominican student at a party in Las Lomas I vigorously refused and that h more »

Grenadier A L Assault says...

Let the enemy underestimated our strength. Let more »

Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Kamoken,Grenadier,i like that. When you think patiently you can bring down any ennemy. Nowadays war machines are only serve to finish the rest,if any. You can destroy a whole nation without shooting a single shot,the example is here with us in Hai more »

Marie Day says...

Your patriotic idea is stimulating and reinvigorating. You are genius in term how to use deceptively simple tactics as a lever to cause the destruction of fortress. we need rapid organization to implement this plan. Vive Haiti kimbe fort. more »

Lascahobas Woman says...

This video footage is incredible. I cannot believe it. More haitian women need to see this video footage to understand the Dominican mentality more »