Kamoken, Grenadier,i like that. When you think patiently you...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - July 19 2011, 7:36 AM

Kamoken, Grenadier,i like that.
When you think patiently you can bring down any ennemy.

Nowadays war machines are only serve to finish the rest, if any.
You can destroy a whole nation without shooting a single shot, the example is here with us in Haiti.

Slowly they have and makes us hates eachother, makes us chocks ourselves, creates confusions, divisions.They use everything against us, started with:Poweful conspiracy, money,foods, diseases,bad politics, influenced us determination, abusing our potencial and energy, makes us consume ourselves in our own environment, kills our educations system,(sex)"cause they know Haitians are immorales and brutals",(confusions of religions)"cause they know Haitians are paranoids we will always ready to look for a way out, because we don't do things with a head cool.
our ennemy is a group of ennemies started a the begining, a single head with multiple bodies.

I want you guys to sleep with that.

Response to:

Let the enemy underestimated our strength. Let


Organize ourselves for swift retaliation whenever Dominican kill Haitian

Rafael Leónidas Trujillo Molina killed 38,000 Haitians. Nothing substantial was done to compensated those Haitian...

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