Joubert, Michelle Bennett can return any time she wants and...

Toulimen - July 19 2011, 10:05 PM

Joubert, Michelle Bennett can return any time she wants and she does not need Martelly's blessings to do so ok. Marie Louise Christophe as a defeated Haitian Queen with the death suicide of her husband King Henry Christophe I died in exile because she wanted the blessings of Boyer to return.

Michelle Bennett should do the same like the courageous Ertha Trouillot and the other general presidents resided in Haiti now. However, Joubert Haitian people would ask her to return the stolen money from the Haitian Treasury as of to her departure date like Duvalier.

This money is enriching Switzerland and those crook Helveticus refuse to return that money for the economic development of Haiti.

The stolen money is not with them so she can return like Duvalier.

She should do so and I wish her a warm welcome.

Now, it is the time to have all Haitians on board to help this country rebuild ok. No time for hatred or political divisions eventhough the francized name of Haiti means Hate Yourself for Hair Le Tien that the mulatto traitor Boyer transformed to Haitian (Haitien).

The original name of our country should be restored as Ayiti as named by the Indigenous people meaning mountainous land.


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