Incompetence and Mediocrity Are the Best Qualities of The Haitians

Tiba - July 20 2011, 6:04 AM

It seems to me that Martelly doesn't quite understand fully the definition of "Incompentence and Mediocrity" that he campaigned against.

It's been 2 months and 1 week since he sworn in as the new president of Haiti and there is still NOT a government in place in Haiti, and second, the people already complaining about his carelessness and the job he was elected to do.

It is a shame and great disgust for Martelly to turn the earthquake dislocated people at the mercy of the NGOs and refuse to take his responsibility toward his people.

Quelle honte! I really feel like trowing up, vomitting, and puke.

Since when incompetence and mediocrity were Haitian's best qualities?

Why the Haitian government always refuse to take responsibility toward its people?

Why the moronic idiotic government in Haiti keeps humiliating its people and treat them like REJECTS.

Please Read the Article Below.

I Did Not Write It. I got It From www.sakapfet, which is an Haitian News Website

Haiti: « On n a pas vote les ONG », s insurgent les sinistres de Caradeux
Date: 07.19.2011

Les sinistr

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Tiba,just give him some time he is in serious trouble with the evil people in Haiti. I know for sure better days are coming. take care. Shalom more »

Toulimen says...

Martelly is playing game with those moron parliament representatives. They are a bunch of blood suckers well paid by the conservative elites of Haiti to keep Haiti in deep poverty. No government for Haiti means no democracy and no constitution in pla more »

Daniella says...

Li pran yon inkompetan ak yon m more »