Agent-X is leaving Ouidah, Benin to go to Bahia,Brazil,South America

Agent-x - July 20 2011, 2:00 PM

Wednesday, July 20,2011 08:00 P.M Benin Time.=12:00 Noon Los Angeles Time
Agent-X is leaving Ouidah, Benin, West Africa to go to Bahia, Brazil, South America.

Atettion[VIO- Tango5, VIO- Hotel7, VIO- Echo1]
System wide radio blackout until further order;

Pigeon & Pacifier system wide off-off mode obligatory.

Maitre minuit & zobop-1, 4, 6 only to zulu 4 relay nN.

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Agent-x,i think you had too much drinks. Palm wine and moonshine made with sorghum,"delo". Or the sun affected your useless brains. more »

Mrie Joseph says...

You must be a CIA agent because you travel too far and much. more »

Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Mrie Joseph,are you kidding? Agent-x is an agent of Satan,devoted partner of Aristide in black magic. I was supprise he did not go Haiti to that stinking hole so-called Saut-D'eau to bathe in dirty,mud water like the rest of those idiots in the di more »

Joubert says...

Agent-x is one of those Jackasses wealthy middle class in Haiti. He is wasting Haitian resources to visit those countries in order to spy on Haitians there. He is among the 3% of wealthiest Haitian Jackasses. You know only a social revolution can pur more »

Agent-x says...

All your premises and conclusion are wrong. Agent-X does not bother to reply to certified idiot.It is just like trying to teach mathematics or philosophy to a cat, dog or horse. Agent-X does not from the bourgeois class nor the people that from the more »

Rampalala says...

Creationism controversy again slips into Texas textbook debateBy M. Alex Johnson, reporter Texas schools were back at the center of the argument over whether students should be taught creationism alongside evolution Thursday, even if they more »