Mrie Joseph, are you kidding? Agent-x is an agent of Satan...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - July 21 2011, 10:31 AM

Mrie Joseph, are you kidding?

Agent-x is an agent of Satan, devoted partner of Aristide in black magic.

I was supprise he did not go Haiti to that stinking hole so-called Saut-D'eau to bathe in dirty, mud water like the rest of those idiots in the diaspora and Haiti.

Agent-x went to Benin, mission for Haiti.

(Very sad, it's a shame).

It's to proove Haiti his in deep S H I T.

Aristide need more power from the darkside to make Haiti new like the moon at night, so he sent Agent-x to dirty Bernin for help from those Africans voodoo priests seeking new way to sacrifice more Babies.

I will keep you posted, cause i am watching their moves.

I will makes pork chops out of them if they think newborns in Haiti are for sacrifices.

Response to:

You must be a CIA agent because you travel too far...


Agent-X is leaving Ouidah , Benin to go to Bahia,Brazil,South America

Wednesday, July 20,2011 08:00 P.M Benin Time.=12:00 Noon Los Angeles Time Agent-X is leaving Ouidah, Benin, West...

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