year of great decision

Jean Ciceron Charlot Char - July 21 2011, 5:45 PM

We must take away from this inhumane system, which held for so long our spirits in the most humiliating torpor, all hope to resubjugate us.
The day is near; the whole world is looking at us. Haiti is placing her hope upon us. She expects us not to vent our frustration and anger through words and gestures, not just to pray for blessings as the 200 past years.

However, she expects us to meditate, to find a solution, to do something and to act.
2011 is the time for the wicked rulers, which cover our eyes with lies so that we mistake lies for truth and truth for lies. Believing that we have a long time to decide is the mistake of the past. We do not have any time to wait and see. As Noah's time the flood is upon us. The people could not reach a decision for 120 years...

They waited and, may be, we too will wait too long. Waiting for the truth to be fulfilled means that we will suffer the consequences.

If we do not realize and accept the truth!

Charlot Charlemagne

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