Agent-x, Aristide is the only man in Haiti with a brain? Haiti...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - July 24 2011, 10:35 PM

Agent-x, Aristide is the only man in Haiti with a brain?

Haiti have plenty good men, women with brains and hearts to occupy that position.

If the president cannot choose a good man or a good woman for that position, Haiti will be in deeper trouble, witch he is already in.

The Spaniards are a bunch of looser, Martelly is a stupid man to even go there in the first place and i hope he stop these none sense with looser countries.

The next thing Agent-x, don't worry about these funds he is collecting soon or later he will explain the out come of it, also it's too early to say anything.

Agent-x, Aristide don't need any political equation for the rest of his miserable life, Haiti is done with him, please.

Let's us be realistic and sincere about Aristide, beside the point, he said with his own lips"not interested in politics he just want to go on education".

I hope he is not playing game, cause he will go down this time.
Aristide need to be a good boy now, seatting down somewhere under a mango tree or a coconut tree, he made too many mistakes.

Chin ki kon vole ze pap kite metye vole ze.
I don't trust Aristide for one second, i will trust a mule first.

Stop writing graffiti about Aristide.


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