Flash: 25 Juillet 2011, a day of crime in Haiti under Martelly Watch

Agent-x - July 25 2011, 3:48 PM

25 Juillet 2011
LES CAYES, Haiti - Deputy Dionald Polyte [INITE] of Pestel-Beaumont [Grand'Anse, Sud-Ouest].was gunned down by his body guard.

Speculations abound about the probable causes of the shooting.

It appears that the shooting was accidental because his body guard is either a family member or a friend who apparently has no firearms experience.

Some said Guy Phillip might be behind the shooting; However Guy Phillip presented his condolence to the family during a telephonic interview to a radio station but this does not means guy Phillip does not have an input on it knowing his past magouille.

Some said that his political opponents menaced him and they had a meeting recently about how to implement the murder.

We are almost sure that Bernard Gousse has nothing to do with this killing.


Acachon 30 about 25 minutes ago four gangsters kidnapped a 60 y/o man known as Zedipi.

Eyewitnesses apparently don't have the license plate of the kidnappers.

President Martelly received an unwelcome reception this morning in Cap Haitian.

They threw rocks at him. Police apprehended some suspects.

Martelly body guards rushed him to his car. He dressed quickly as a woman to facilitate his exit. His cell phone signal triangulation indicate that he was in contact with a potentential nearest hideout place in Puerto Plata, Santo Domingo if he had to fled there .Details are sketchy.

Agent-X deplores the attack and recommends that Martelly should maintain an artificial crowd of fanatics that will cover an area of 400 meter around him in the future.

This incident killed the Sweet Micky and leave Michel Martelly intact.

I present my condolences to compas fanatics of Sweet Micky.

From now on he cannot blame Sweet Micky the crazy man for his shortcomings.

This incident put an end to Martelly bluffs, mind games con games and quirks.

This means the people that live in the tents will have a place of abode; One million children that never attended school will go to school for the first time; 90% of Haitian will be gainfully employed.

Tete callereument instead of living malheureusement under Martelly watch.



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