Haiti's Economic and Political Leaders Are Doomed To Failure

Toulimen Legrand - July 28 2011, 3:39 PM

The Economic Elites of Haiti always argue that Haitian political leaders are bad and that is why Haiti fails its people all the time. However, the international community believe that both political and economic leaders of Haiti should reject their tribalism mentality to embrace modernism to save their citizens.

Between these two approaches, who do you think make a better argument?

To me, the international community seems to make better argument around the Haitian causes although some conservative republicans along the line are helping those tribal leaders of Haiti to make Haiti remain a tribal country.

After 206 years of independence, Haiti does not have a strong sewage system and the country smells bad where 95% of Haitians have to use latrines to poo on a daily basis and to repeat TiRouj Haiti is a latrines country.

This make those leaders stink and they are not accepted anywhere around the world.

Haitian leaders suck and they smell bad too.

If you have an urgent need in the streets of Port-Au-Pce, you would poo on you or you will die because there are no public latrines around to satisfy your urgent need. This is really a tribal country and the international community is right.

Rich people of Haiti have peasantry's mentality and they keep fooling the peasants all the time. As such, one can easily argue that Haiti has no leaders at all and the country will continue to fail terribly.

Will Micky change the face of Haiti?

I don't think so.

Jean-Claude Duvalier had tried to put public phones all over and he had a project to modernize the gas stations to help Haitians with latrines' needs, the Haitian oligarchy rejected his plan and they argued that Haiti should not look those advanced and modern countries around the world.

They argued that Haiti was a distinct country and it should stay like that all the time.

Mevz, Saliba, Castera, Brown, Beaussan, Vorbes, Delatour, and Accra's families to name a few don't want to see a modern Haiti.

They will pay their political and economic gangs money to destroy anything that will look modern to them because they are living in two worlds.

We should call for a strong revolution to topple down the oligarchy of Haiti for Haitians to breathe better air and enjoy better lifestyles as well. Look at what they have suggested to Martelly?

They have asked him to make the Diaspora pay for the education in Haiti while they are the ones furnishing them with easy money through their money transfer's transactions in Haiti.

Will those tribal leaders renounce to import foods in Haiti?

They are aimed to destroy the Haitian economy every day in order to keep Haiti in the vicious cycle of dependency they have put Haiti through.

We are doomeed to failure if we don't decide to topple down the oligarchy of Haiti.

We need to call for a humanistic revolution in Haiti geared toward an egalitarian society to liberate Haiti at the hands of the seven richest families of Haiti.

We should get them expelled from Haiti if they cannot modernize the country.

They are the ones now advising Martelly on what to do?

They have started bad with the Diaspora and we should stop supplying money to them. I heard through BBC and Radio France that some Haitians are calling for two week stops on money transfers to Haiti.

It is not enough! It should be at least six months so Haitians can rebel against them in Haiti.

This blog masnager is spying on us and we don't care, for Haiti will be saved for good and the time is now!

Joubert, Tiba, Richelle, Jean-Pierre, Dumaine, Linda, Marjory, Carline, Dupre, Toussaint, Germain, Pierre, Fanfan, Debrosse and Leblanc are you with us. In the days ahead, we will start launching our social revolution in Haiti.

Will you join?

We will fight them to death and we will win. Don't be scared at all! We will win and things will change in Haiti for real! The Haitian oligarchy should be dismantled for the liberation of Haiti argue most international political advisers.

Haiti cannot be developed with those oligarch family members.

Enough is enough and the time is now!

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Joubert says...

Haiti has tribal leaders just after the death of Dessalines. It will never be a good country with those subservient bourgeois. more »

Tiba says...

Hey, Toulimen, I hope the public could now find me "Right" when I referred to Haitians as "The most incompetent and mediocre" people on the planet. It is time that we, Haitians, must finally come to grip to the imaginable truth and reality more »