Bernard Dishonorable Gousse mort raid on 2 Aug 2011 at 11:03 P.M.

Agent-x - August 2 2011, 11:35 PM

►2 August 2011- 5:35 P.M. A division of demons from hell arrived on earth to carry Bernard Des-honorable Gousse without fanfares to hell for his crimes..

►By 11:03 P.M. the Haitian Parliament pronounced Bernard Gousse "Mort raid at the parliament.

Dr. Francois Duvalier and Dr. Roger Lafontant signed his death certificate and handed over Bernard Dishonorable Gousse's body to Demon in chief and Grand Admiral in hell Leviathanthe.

►It was an explosion of joy and euphoria among the parliament members
►Mr.Bernard Dishonorable Gousse is on his way to hell where he will be placed to boiler hvbt-238975725895-hhhk where he will be in company with the Duvalierist crime family.

►Some theoretical physicists believe that the temperature in hell for the duvalierist crime's family is around 32, 000, 000

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Agent-x,pi ta pi tris tande. Pa grate grin wou sil pa grate wou;Aristide pap kab ale nan minm anfe ak yo! You too there is no place for you in paradise therefore hell is your place to be. Don't be suprise if i know you are not clean.You are a cri more »