"Don't be discourage"

Patricia - August 3 2011, 8:13 AM

Mr president, I guarantee you by the end of this week God will do the clean up that the country need it, not by human hands but by himself wait and see.Fear, not stand still God is not like human being who lies he always keep his words, no matter what trust him keep your eyes on him pray more than ever;I encourage you to practice silence inside of you then you will have possibility to see what going to happen in those days coming.Take your seat let him control things now the final result is near, fear,not if you can see angels that surrounding you nights and days you are not by yourself remember that.God bless Haiti and God bless you!

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Patricia,are you hoping that hurricane (cyclone)to clean all bad people in Haiti? Forget about it.Haitans are diehard,their will give to God that middle finger in the A S S. it's look like you don't know about bad A S S Haitians. more »