Toulimen, i wonder where that constant zeal to fight the right...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - August 3 2011, 8:30 AM

Toulimen, i wonder where that constant zeal to fight the right cause coming from in you?

Now i know.
Listen, we all know or should know in Haiti everyone are full of it"the brown sticky smelly stuff".

When i talk or say unbelievable things across here in this blog, people think i am out of my range.

All of you are wrong about me period, only an smart person can see or feel what is going on in Haiti for the past 25 years or so.
There is no excuses for these problems in Haiti, we are all responsible period.

We can blame all the world, that will not change a thing in our miserable stupid lives!
Every single country in the world have instant problems but us"Haiti"is unique constant cancer that is eating us alive.

The questions now?

what are options?

Toulimen, i need your answer.


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