Bernard Dishonorable Gousse political death's Certificate

Agent-x - August 3 2011, 4:16 PM

►We are rectifying the political death certificate of Bernard Dishonorable Gousse
►We are announcing with infinite joy and euphoria the political and civic death of Mr. Bernard Dishonorable Gousse that occurred at the Haitian Parliament on August 2nd 2011 at 11:03 P.M. Florida Time as a result of a chronic Duvalierist-Lafontant infection that leads to his renal failure, heart attack and cerebrovascular accident- CVA aka stroke.

►His political death certificate was signed by the ghosts of his former mentors Dr. Francois Duvalier and by Dr. Roger Lafontant howevever both ghost Doctors put their names as the case of Mr. Gousse death in the space assigned for the cause of his death.

►I understand that it was an oversight by the diabolic spirit of both doctors that were present at the moment of his death but has some exoteric political and historical meaning for the G-16 high priest political clergy.

In plain language there are the root of intolerance, criminality, human rights abuses and dictator in Haiti in modern time.
►Other are speculating that the presence of a powerful political clergy G-16 in the room recalled, the protracted historical abuses perpetrated to the sons and daughters of Dessalines, Boukman, Biassou etc that transcended the politico economic reality in Haiti as well as time and space.

Thus, the last minute political decision by the G-16 acted as a new political reality shock.

Thereby, signaling to the traditional elite that their rubber stamps that invariably putting the sons and daughters of Dessalines at harm way, at the receiving end of justice ran out of ink and it will no longer is business as usual in Haiti.

►This last minute political decision cleaned the room from its sulfuric atmosphere and exorcised the room from the demons .This conjuration caused the death of Gousse and the value system he symbolize and the corresponding traditional privileges.

Thus, the demons doctors Duvalier and Lafontant were frightened, stressed out and emotionally exhausted and could not revive the political life of their patients Gousse despite their loop hole, putdown, arrogance,

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