Buy your Football ticket for the Match Martelly vs the People for 08-14-11

Agent-x - August 4 2011, 11:23 PM

►Buy your tickets for the football match between Martelly and the Haitian people scheduled for Sunday August 14th 2011 at Noon.
►Tickets are on Sale at the money transfers kios, Banks, Western Unions and anywhere they sell the phone cards.

►In two months Martelly scored 2 goals a zero on the people.

Most political sport experts predicted that it is highly probable that Martelly will score his 3rd goals a zero on the Haitian people on August 14th 2011.
►The match will be held on open field at noon which means it will be blackout free and will be televised world wide.
►Sociologists, Political Scientists, Anthropologists and Economist around the planet will follow the event.

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