Martelly is elected to stroll not to manage the country.

Agent-x - August 8 2011, 10:55 PM

Martelly has chosen the path of least resistance by taking expensive and senseless strolls to the detriment of poor Haitians, instead of managing the country.

It is easier to be seen in military reviews in other countries, taking pictures for self-serving reason, shake hands with foreign heads of state in return for their empty promises, and making shady and dishonest deals with them that do not reflect the interests and wishes of Haiti.

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Jd says...

I can't help but to wonder if you just regain consciousness after a lifelong coma. You are not making any sense at all. Did you just landed in Haiti from space? I don't want to think anyone who's been alive long enough to know the letter more »

Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

JD,it's look you are not inform about these two. Agent-x and Aristide are my mental patients.Let's be clear on that too,i am not a psychiatrist but i am a bush doctor naturally. Lately i cannot give them the proper dosage due to rainny seasons th more »