Stanley Lucas is the nightmare of Haitian dictators and the...

Marguerite Samson - August 9 2011, 10:40 PM

Stanley Lucas is the nightmare of Haitian dictators and the corrupt business cartel groupe de bourdon.

Lucas is hated by Duvalierists because he is asking for Duvalier's trial to move forward as soon as possible.

He is hated by Aristide and his cronies because he asked for accountability.

Aristide stole $350 million from Haiti's coffers and killed a number of political opponents.

Lucas has a zero tolerance policy for Haitian dictators.

Lacking substance his detractors tried unsuccessfully to link him to the CIA, imperialism and other weird stuff.

The guy is committed to his country and as a student I stand behind him. Stanley Lucas is sharing his knowledge with us by providing training via skype from Washington to Cap Haitien.

The traitor is the Haitian President that officially requested the occupation of his country in 1994 calling it Ti dezod and again in 1995 when he requested UN soldiers to occupy our country.

We will never forget.

Political propaganda and character assassination will not change our minds.

Stanley keep it up! We are very proud of you and what you have done for democracy in Haiti.


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