Martelly Cannot Do Miracles

Toulimen Legrand - August 9 2011, 11:00 PM

I don't deny the selection of Martelly to the presidency post like any previous presidents, but it is too early to start judging the man when he cannot even have a government to serve the needs of the Haitian people under those tents around the capital.

Martelly was elected by the Haitian people through the rich conservative people of Haiti who are the new masters of the Haitian peasants and the urban Haitian youths.

This shows you that those people don't need poor people like you and I to defend them but the rich. He was the hand picked by the rich and he has to secure their interests through a Haitian army as well as through the government branch offices.

He cannot do miracles and I don't expect much from him since he was chosen by the rich to defend their interests against the interests of the 90% that you are refering to.

To tell the truth, Martelly is not a mulato per se despite his skin color and if you search the Haitian history you will discover that Martelly is linked to the presidential family through the line of descent of Dessalines as an albinos himself.

Dessalines was the same color like Martelly and he was not a dark skinned Haitian as portrayed by the mulato Haitian historians.

We have learned all lies from them and they had never told us that Petion poisonned Dessalines in his house and orchastrated the fake Pont-Rouge assassination's plot. Mulattoes started coup d'etats and political divisions against dark skinned Haitians since the birth of Haiti as a free nation.

Haiti is a colonized country under the control of the Haitian oligarchy since 1807 and Martelly is not part of that oligarchy but could help them secure their interests over their colony.

I am not accusing him of anything right now because it is too early to do so, but I know only a divine justice through a Tsunami or another earthquake or volcanoes could redeem Haitians at the hands of that protected oligarchy by the advanced nations.

Whoever happens to live another 50 years this oligarchy will be gone and Haiti will be saved.

Mark it now!

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