The wisdom of stupidity and flaw of the government

Tiba - August 8 2011, 10:01 AM

Michel Martelly, the newly elected pressident of Haiti, went on a big carnaval of promotional programs tour around the country in the past few weeks.

Amongst them that make-up the list like: technology, education, etc..

but "Tourist" was the biggest one.

The question everyone should ask themselves is, how can the president promote tourism in Haiti while Haiti is still under a travel ambargo?

How can he promote tourism in Haiti, while there are no hotel/place to stay?

How can he promote tourism in Haiti, while the country remains vitually a dump/dirty place?

There is no electricity, no roads, no Drinking Water, Not a sound Health Care system in case tourists need a first aid, etc. etc...

This proves more arrogance, egotesticle maniac, flaws, plain stupidity, and the absence of leadership.

Before going on a big tour around the country promoting tourism, the brain dead incompetent government of Haiti need first to show some leadership by having the Travel Restruction/ambargo on Haiti be lifted, and second by building the basic infrustractions around the country such as: hotels, road, electricity, drinking water, an health care system, clean up the streets, etc. etc..

Without any of these, or all of these infrustratures in place, the government is only making a big fool of itself and showing a big of a phony and a fraud they are by promoting tourism in the curent state of the country.

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Tiba,he order new tents from Saudi Arabia"Luxury tents for the tourists". :) Tiba,if we have a S H I T president it's necessary to have a good Prime minister. The president cannot run Haiti alone. Therefore it's too early to say anything. He more »

Jojoline says...

La promotion ne se fait pas pour Port-au-Prince mais bien la ou il existe des hotels en province... exemple Cyvadier, a Jacmel, A Port-Salut, aux Cayes, au Cap ou l'annee derniere l'OASIS etait venu avec des milliers de visiteurs. S'il ne fait pa more »

Tiba says...

jojoline, Hold your horses for a minute! I think you are the one who needs to shut up because you are not making any sense whatsoever. You are lecturing me about "promotion." You ough to know that even monkeys, who are doing flip-flopping on tre more »