You may be from Cap Haitian but you are not there because this...

Carine - August 10 2011, 5:11 PM

You may be from Cap Haitian but you are not there because this blog is blocked in Haiti.

You are a liar living in the U.S. who pretends to be living in Haiti.

Your IP address proves that you are living in the U.S and you are liar like Stanley Lucas who is ready to sell Haiti to new colonizers.

Your enemy Aristide was not good but he would never ask colonizers to use coup d'etats to exile Haitians.

Aristide was no different than Duvalier and his predecessors but Stanley as a U.S. Tchioul would be worst.

The Parasitic elites of Haiti are subservient people and that is why Haiti cannot be on its feet. If a person has an urgent need for bathroom in Haiti's streets that person will die before he found one. Haitians don't represent civilization and they are tribal people by nature and what a tribal leader like Stanley or Aristide can do for Haiti?

This country is doomed to failure.

Shame on you! Look at a little country like Turcs and Caicos Islands wo used to be dependent on Haiti for foods before 1970 and now imposed visa conditions on Haitians to live there.

We were the one who Nassau rebuild after the earthquake of 1960 that devastated their country and now they are killing Haitians in their jails.

We are doomed to failures with our parasitic elites and shame on you in defending the causes of a U.S. Tchioul named Stanley Lucas.

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