Toulimen you must back up your claims or speculation with...

Agent-x - August 10 2011, 5:50 PM

Toulimen you must back up your claims or speculation with proof if you have any. I am not refuting your assertion but I am asking you for supporting evidences.

Every book I read in Creole, French, Spanish, English and German describes Dessalines as a black man.
Of course, the winners write history but Haiti is the exception that confirms this rule. We are reading the Caucasian His-tory instead of Our-story compounded with Africans oral tradition that varies and subject to reinterpretation from generation to generation.

The lack of written hx places us at a great disadvantage for historical facts.

Photography was invented between 1814 and 1843, photography was a luxury even among the well to do Europeans.

We have no photography of Dessalines.

Usually the slave traders will not purchase a slave less than ten years old for practical reasons.


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Whoever told you that Dessalines was born in Haiti...


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