We need a few light skin women for a mission destination to...

Chocolat Des Chiens - August 10 2011, 6:55 PM

We need a few light skin women for a mission destination to Stanley Lucas.

We needs some vital info from him under mind altering conditions.

The candidates must be highly educated and have strong experiences with pharmacology and well verse in the art of seduction.

We already have the profile and age range of the women he likes.

All potential candidates will be recruited, in campus, churches, nightclubs and other public gatherings.

We will submit the candidates to a battery of rigorous tests.

The starting salary will be $ 500 an hour. If we get the information we needed, we will pay you a bonus of $ 25,000-
There is no need for comrade Stanley to get paranoid yet since the training of the right woman will take several weeks.


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This is a total lie. I followed that conversation on...


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