Trois A Zero + trois a zero =-6 solve for M and P if p=0

Agent-x - August 13 2011, 3:01 AM

►Tomorrow August 14, 2011 Martelly will score his 3rd goals over the Haitian people.

He and his allies are getting richer by the minutes.

Repression is reaching a crescendo that is approaching the Duvalier era to be more precise Dr. Francois Duvalier because Jean Claude Duvalier was a Saint in comparison to his father.

Mulatos are viciously hatching plans to move some poor dark skin Haitian from their neighborhood with the help of some racist Caucasians and right-wing.

The gentrification is already underway.

The elite and the mulattoes are labeling the Tent people as gangsters, terrorist, chimers, escaped from prison, lazy, economic refugees from the country side.
The elites and the mulattoes are using this cynical and treacherous means to justify their ruthless aggression in anticipation to real estate speculation because of an influx of well to do predators.

Those elites are progressively usurping the rights of the sons and daughters of Jean-Jacques Dessalines.

Their lands are progressively being taken away by all type of subterfuges while the mulattoes and foreigners are behaving like cunctipotent, almighty power brokers with the right to kidnap, exile, give and rescind visas at will, having sex with minors, induce them to devious life style under hypocrite human rights

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Lucienne says...

agent ale lave moudaw aristid ap mouri kan menm more »

John says...

Se wou kap tyel Re: Trois A Zero + trois a zero =-6 solve for M and P if p=0 agent ale lave moudaw aristid ap mouri kan menm more »

Ritcchy says...

Agent-X are you the equivalent of Joseph Goebbels for the chimeres? you are using propaganda to discredit Martelly. You never said anything good about him. You are a typical vagabond sal. You are distorting facts to show Martelly is a demon. Martelly more »

Lucienne Royale says...

wi nou ka fel ou ka tande nou chak lundi a minuit, sou mega nou pa pe yo more »