Got to get serious man

Cronus - August 18 2011, 8:28 AM

Well this is really the time for this President to really get serious about the future of this country.

You have got a great opportunity to do something good for your people but you must do the most important thing which is to listen and compromise.

I am not asking you to compromise on your core values, however it is fundamental that you are able to sit down and talk to all the parties involved so that you can provide the country with a government.

It is vital that you first start getting rid of the wrong influence of the people advising you. They are not doing a good job....and by the time you realize that it will TOO LATE. The people will abandon you and since you have got no political base yet, you will be on your own and you will lose power.

And believe me this can happen very quickly.

Power is the most treacherous thing and it evaporates in a matter of seconds.

Mr President you are on the wrong track.

We STILL believe in you but you must be a different must create a new vision and most importantly you must create HOPE. By having advisors like Stanley Lucas, Laurent Lamothe, whose reputations are not the best on the international scene advising that the best you can do. If so honestly you don't deserve to hold the position you have now as you will ultimatelt create more chaos.

There are a lot of good and experienced people who are willing to work with you but they don't want to be associated with such terrible people.

The country can do better and we know and believe you can do better.

Just do a bit more effort and you can be great.

Otherwise you will end up like all of them...a man who could have done more but who got blinded by the cynical aspect of power.

Good luck Mr President and after you read that posting, the countdown will start.

If you do not act, we as memebers of the "brotherhood" won't be able to keep you longer.

Good luck Sir and God bless...

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