Haiti's challenges

Bernadette - August 18 2011, 10:05 PM

Joel your comments although generic make a lot of sense.

Haiti's history is just continuing its course.

Nothing is about to change because the very same tools used to keep the middle class and the working class down are in full gear to continue the same old and tired path...

If the middle class is smart...an avoidance of militantly confrontational with the bourgeois class should be kept at bay at any costs.

Instead, a peaceful think think collaboration among the middle class, the working class and the bourgeois merchants to find a solution to a more productive Haiti qualitatively and quantitatively.

The middle class should take the lead as they are somewhat more educated and supposedly able to envision human loss and catastrophic ramification thereof beforehand.

The middle class usually encompass the professional, administrative and clerical staff.

Their grief and frustration should be understood.

After a long educational training, not to mention financial sacrifices most of them are unable to find a job. At this point, I believe, they should not look for a job but to CREATE jobs for themselves and for others; This can only be done with the help of ALL parties involved.

The irony is that Haiti has a small but talented educated middle class with no jobs...But yet we want to create MORE educated people.

To do what with?

Education should be for a purpose because resources are scarce.

Yes, those Haitian children should be educated, but they should be educated with the intention and the purpose to SERVE and benefit Haiti.

Generic education just won't cut it anymore...In fact in never has.
We need to seriously severed ties with the past without losing our identity in the process.

Haiti is about 90% Majority and a 10% Minority.

The Majority has no more rights than the Minority.

Sheer Majority does not guarantee any more rights and privileges.

The Majority of any given Country has always been the working class, agricultural sectors, urban or rural poor regardless of race, creed, gender or religion.

We need to get off of that separatist band wagon to help Haiti move forward.

It will take lots of courage, ambition and knowledge to save this impoverished Nation.

A continuation with the use and misuse of past deeds can only bury us further into nothingness.

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