I am a Haitian journalist and Stanley Lucas is my champion...

Djoey - August 19 2011, 7:29 AM

I am a Haitian journalist and Stanley Lucas is my champion.

Over 30 years our community was under threats of various Haitian governments.

We suffered under the military regimes, under Jean Bertrand Aristide and to a minor degree under Preval.

The firts two used political violence and the latter corruption.

These repressive regimes killed many of us: Brignol Lindor, Jean Dominique, Jacques Roche and others.

As a journalist I was persecuted, threatened and feared for my life. They tried to kill three times.

Once under the military and twice under Aristide.

Stanley Lucas saved my life each time. The first time taking great personal risks he gave me a place to live while military attaches were looking for me to kill me. He feed me, take care of me and move me many times to keep me safe. He did that for many democratic activists.

Again when Aristide went after many Haitian journalists rnddh.org/article.php3?id_article=... Stanley Lucas was the man that came to our rescue.

Since 1997 Lucas was targeted by the regime because of his advocacy for democracy.

Despite the personal risks Stanley Lucas was one of the two person in Haiti that stood up for freedom of expression and a free press.

The Lavalas regime tried to execute him but that did not stop him in his advocacy for democracy, the respect of human rights and free and fair elections.

Lucas created safe heaven for most of the journalists persecuted by the Aristide regime.

When 16 journalists fled out of Haiti into exile Lucas went out of his way to provide for them with great personal sacrifice.

This man is a hero.

I know that Lucas is hated by a group of bad people responsible of Haiti's demise.

The Duvalierists, Aristide and Lavalas, Preval and his INITE regime, Haiti's corrupt business cartel and a corrupt foreign profiteers, all want him dead. All together they want to destroy this national hero trying to defend Haiti's right to be a normal country, a country with opprtunity for all, a country without violence and corruption.

Aristide, Haiti's corrupt business cartel cannot destroyed or assassinate Stanley Lucas's character.

He is the type of man that has done so much for Haiti, democracy and haitian activists that his legacy will remain no matter what. Go Lucas!

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