Agent X, It comes to observe many good thing and thoughts that...

Rev. Rivel D - August 19 2011, 8:46 AM

Agent X,

It comes to observe many good thing and thoughts that you have possess, but the only problem exisiting between you and the reality is that you put Aristide before everything even before God. You load yourself with too much Aristide in your life. Respecting the Martelly Blog is the basis that everyone almost really cannot express themselves like the PrevalBlog gave full freedom of speech to all. Rayi chin di danl blanche.

Preval Blog was never cut bloggers off for freedom of speech or expression.

Agent X, you have been followed for long time, it seemed that have some good knowledge, but until you decide to unload yourself with Aristide to love Haiti you are going to dislike many of your brothers and sisters.

Let' do it with mutual respect.

Mutual respect for all not forget to bring all ideas.

Entirely agree with you religion and bad leaders are the basis for poverty in any country, but God is the solution for all countries in the world.

President Martelly must ask the Haitian People to vote these 16 Senators and all out because there are against Haiti.


Rev. Dr. Rivel D

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