Martelly cent jours d'arrogance,gaspillage,ineptitude et repression

Agent-x - August 24 2011, 5:01 AM

►24 August 2011 make it 100 days since the albinos start eating caviar, croissant, and filet mignon while it is a daily adventure for the children of Dessalines to find 100 cents to buy AKA-100.
►24 August 2011 make it 100 days since the albinos are conducting a hellish condition to the children of Dessalines, the albinos are conducting grand scale human rights violations and massive internal deportation of the children of Dessalines from Port-au-Prince to the provincial and rural locations in Haiti such as morne a cabrit, morne cochons, Trou foban etc in their attempts to gentrify Port-au-Prince, Petion-Ville and transform them into tourist Sex paradises for the albinos and overseas Caucasians.

►24 August 2011 make it 100 days since the albinos are attempting to put a Premier Minister who is neo-fascist, neo Duvalierist, neo-Pinochet, pro macoutes, pro repression, pro death Squad, pro privatization, pro exploitation, pro Amer-requins, pro starvation wages and anti-Labor Unions.

►24 August 2011 make it 100 days since the albinos are using bluff, intimidations, dilatory tactics to buy time in order to conceal their lies, managerial and administrative incompetence.

►24 August 2011 make it 100 days since the albinos are persecuting their political opponents or anyone that dare to criticize their policies.

Thus the albinos are abusing, arresting, disrespecting and killing journalists, parliament members, labor union leaders, bankers.

►24 August 2011 make it 100 days since the albinos have been hatching plans and complots to assassinate significant political opponents in the country with the backup of foreign countries.

Some political opponents have their houses burned down including in Pestel.

►24 August 2011 make it 100 days since the albinos and their minister of unnecessary and inutile affairs are scouring the globe at the children of Dessalines expenses.

They albinos are misusing the children of Dessalines meager monies in private jet, staying at expensive hotels, eating at expensive restaurants while leaving $ 14,000 tips to the waitresses in one Italian restaurant while the children of Dessalines cannot find 100 cents to buy AKA-100 for breakfast; the albinos proclivity to show off suggest that they are emotionally immature, unstable and are empty heads with nouveau rich syndrome.

►24 August 2011 make it 100 days since the albinos have been experiencing serial international diplomatically deceptions from Argentina, Brazil, England, France and host of other undisclosed countries.

Those countries told them that they are not welcome because they have no tables to receive bold head duck heads that have no political base and power
►24 August 2011 make it 100 days since the albinos went to Chile during the Chilean trip a group of onlookers spotted the albinos wailing at Pinochet grave.

►24 August 2011 make it 100 days since the albinos continue to show their emotional immaturities and instabilities by moving in blinded vehicles, running in high speed with flashing lights and sirens usually to destination nowhere.

During those display of emotional immaturity, children, handicapped people and elders, are inadvertently hit by those irresponsible drivers.

The albinos entourage usually arrested, beat-up the unfortunate victims instead of bring them to the nearest hospital.

►24 Out 2011 f

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Agent-x,i have almost the same info as yours from a different source and trusty in the eyes of men. This is a shame,not good. Haiti need to get out of this shithole. I am tired of this cesspool smells. more »

Lucienne Royale says...

agent x ou chire 20 ans wap kraze brize ca fini pozew ti papa apwe Martelly, Martelly more »

Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Lucienne,pat gin vole nan peyi ya,pat gin zinglindo nan peyi ya,pat gin viol nan peyi ya,pat gin grangou nan popilasyon an,pat gin ti moun 12 zan ak gwo zam fan'fwa sou moun nan lari peyi dayiti kap tie moun tankou mouch,pat gin titid djol kochon so more »

Lucienne Royale says...

ou pa konpran cam di ya mwen diw lavalas nan pouvwa depi 21 ans yo pa regle enyen ce yo ki vini avek chime, assasinat jounalist, vol nan administratyon letat yo ce sa mwen di, aba lavalas more »

Lucienne Royale says...

agent-X ou vle dim se martelly ki vin avek probllem ca yo explikew ban san hont sak vini ak tue moun pou point de vue yo san hont more »

Richelle says...

Bek kk,ti sousou,avadra,low face.stop talking kk stupid.Martelly do not have government yet to"gaspillage"The so-called senate hold his back because they want him to look bad in the eyes of the Haitian people.What part of this game the nappy hair,d more »

Lucienne Royale says...

richele they don't like Marthelly because is the only Haitian Presidant who's ask the Haitian abroadto come back, they are affraid of the diaspora.for what? because we are more qualified, we know what Democracy means. more »