If you analyzed the past four decades Stanley Lucas is one of...

Jasmine Caradeu - August 25 2011, 8:14 AM

If you analyzed the past four decades Stanley Lucas is one of the best politician Haiti produced.

Lucas is strong, smart and totally committed to his country and the people of Haiti.

He is under attack by the foreign and in-country corrupt economic cartels and politicians for his stands against corruption and for advocating the Haitian people interests.

Lucas is hated by the Duvalierists, by Aristide and Lavalas and Preval and INITE because of his zero tolerance policy toward dictators and corrupt politicians.

A US ambassador did not like him because Stanley Lucas is an undiplomatic advocate of democracy.

He went out of his way to personally destroy him. He's defending Haiti's interests and that's make him a target.

For me Stanley Lucas is a haitian hero. I love him and I would vote for him. Stanley Lucas is my favorite Haitian.

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