Jasmine Caradeu says Stanley Lucas Is One Of The Best Politician Haiti Produced

Jean Pierre Alexandre - August 25 2011, 10:26 AM

Haiti's womb can only deliver thieves, corruptions,criminals, rats,ignorant bastards, beggars,low self esteem politicians, our politicians are acting politicians leading in no man's land.
A so-called good politician like Stanley Lucas is in no man's land, matter of fact this moderfoker don't have a country.

I call him a Palestinian politician, he behave like a palestinian too.
Good for nothing are all Haitian politicians.

They sleep whit kk, they eat with kk, they fok in bed while a vase of kk mixed with piss next to them.
Fok you all.

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If you analyzed the past four decades Stanley Lucas...


Who is Stanley Lucas?

Who is Stanley Lucas? Those who don't know what this traitor stand for start doing research about him. He is the most...

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