Do better in haiti

Sharon Guirand - August 25 2011, 2:44 PM

By you beening the new president of haiti you need first of all need to fix those roads maybe it wont cause so many accidents there and clean up all that garbage in port-au- prince and stop critasizing your people of haiti talking about there family members.

in my mind it seems like you are a hipacrit if you no what means let me tell you if you don*t know but you call yourself a president it means you won"t everything for youself.

Mr Micheal Martelly if you are president then help the people of HAITI.

i have been there and i know what these people go though and how they live it is not good at all. they need hospitals .schools.teachers creole-english speakig and make it a bettr place the people of HAITI to live i will be checking back in to haiti next year.

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