Jean Pierre: You don't know your own history. Haiti...

Germaine Sanon - August 26 2011, 11:22 AM

Jean Pierre:

You don't know your own history.

Haiti forefathers fought for the universal rights of liberty and freedom.

Toussaint fought alongside of both the french and Spanish armies to promote freedom and equality.

It's not by accident that Haitians were in Savannah Georgia to fight for America's independence or in Latin America with Simon Bolivar to free the Latinos.

Stanley Lucas as a Haitian is continuing that global Haitian tradition.

He, like our forefathers was promoting democracy in Latin America, Africa, Afghanistan and the Middle East. I am very proud of Stanley Lucas global commintment to democracy and respect of human rights.

Anyone that try to shit on his efforts and record does not know who we are as Haitians.

Lucas is a Haitian hero for his global contribution.


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