Agent-x, i will will tell you a little history, a bed time...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - August 27 2011, 6:21 AM

Agent-x, i will will tell you a little history, a bed time history for idiots, sorry it's not for kids.
OUNCE UPON THE TIME"shushhhh! silence!silence idiot, listen dumb fock".

Millions believed in one animal, his name is Jean-Bertrand Aristide.

That animal was made king over or with the other animals consents in that island presently resemble like no animal-land.

That animal became the greatest deceiver in that island history.

"Yeahh, oh yeahhh, hey little bastardd are you listening ?"
Well, that man screw left and right the barns animals, left and right the wild animals, left and right the migratory animals as well.
After many moons the animals in the barns realize something wrong with their animal king.
After many rainy seasons the wild animals noticed their environment are deteriorating fast with out control because they start eating imported dry prairies grasses.

After many winter seasons the migratory animal find themselves out of range, limited,killed, intimidated when travel to their territory habitual.

That animal king did all under the sun until a few migratory animals, wild animals seek the support needed to chase the animal king out.
The barns animals confuse with the change but recognized the animal king dangers inflicted on them as well, over many moons the barn animals adapted and learned the conceptual framework.

A few animals refuse or cannot adapted to change because of their natural undeveloped senses of instinct, effect.

One particular animal finding it hard to accept the animal king was a bad king.
Agent-x is that animal.


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