Richelle, this blog manager blocks me from posting articles...

Toulimen Legrand - September 5 2011, 8:11 PM

Richelle, this blog manager blocks me from posting articles because he does not agree with my positions.

When I email you back, it takes three days or a week before my subject gets posted.

You see how bad Haitian elites are. He does not want us to focus on real Haitian problems and he wants division among us just to confuse us more. I don't think Martelly will be able to get rid of those beasts.

This blog manager is wild beast and a skunk by nature.

We have elites' problems in Haiti and our problems will never get solved unless we take over Haiti to do so. A country with no elites is not a country.

Look at now what the United Nations tells us for a crime that has happened on our soil where we have full jurisdiction to trial it. They said that those soldiers would be submitted to their country's jurisdiction and not Haiti based on the U.N. chart.

That means Richelle Haiti is not a sovereign country.

It is under the U.N. occupation and our constitution is dead. Martelly should have asked the Haitian Police to go arrest them and get them trialed in Haiti.

It is sad! If you read this mail. Let me know! May God bless you!

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