urgent call for demonstration agaisnt minusthah!

Rev. Dr. Rivel Dumaine Pastor - September 6 2011, 8:45 AM

It is an urgent call to restore the dignity of this Nation Haiti, so Haitians all over the world need to unite one voice against all others to cry out loud for United Nations to move out these elements of terror.

Dream the plan, Plan before acting, and do it right.

United Nations employed those without a background check and no moral value to destroy the Haitian people.

My people, my brothers, and my sisters I stand for you in all times.

I will die for your cause!
We must do something or they will slash our life. Haitians are tired of this kind of treatment, and they deserve better than that.

My Haitian brothers and sisters you need This Rev. Dr. to be a leader for your country one who can stand and back up all his subject to be the truth and only truth.

One who will not betray you and never.

One who has spoken loud than any man in this blog?

Who can defend you from The United Nations, and all others?

It is time for the blog to recognize the ability and supreme power input in this Rev. Dr. that no one in the blog dare associate with those who have been robe this nation for the last fifty/50 years and more.

All Haitians are my brothers and sisters; they need to learn to be truthful and ethical in their dealing to make the right choice for their country.

Never used destructive words against one another, tell what you have to say, and let's move on for the next round.

Who has chosen to be a propagandist for one must be retarded mind and self-making slave of all.

Haiti is not destroyed by other countries; Haiti has been destroyed by our false leader with none sense speech to deceive the people.

Read all my blogs there you can learn the value of mankind, the respect, the free lance philosopher who is opened to speak the truth.

Be careful of these idled and failed fanatics on the blog; they wanted to give you the same vomit fiber they have planted for the last fifty/50 years.

It is time for really change in Haiti, and it must happen now not tomorrow.


Rev. Dr. Rivel Dumaine, Pastor

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