A Shameful Bourgeoisie Since 1915 through 2011

Toulimen Legrand - September 6 2011, 9:58 PM

Once again, the most repugnant bourgeoisie of the world brought us more pain and humiliation with its MINUSTAH rapists.

Those homosexual rapists should go in the rich suburbs of Haiti to rape the children of that bourgeoisie that brought them in Haiti.

They had done it in 1934 and they would continue to repeat if we don't stop those repugnant bourgeois of Haiti in their colonization's request for Haiti.

The seven richest families of Haiti are not impressed by that and they have called for it. They are responsible for those shameful acts such as rape, cholera and other diseases.

In 15 years, we will have 15% of homosexuals in Haiti as a result of the application of the sex gender vaccine into our Haitian hospitals by the NGOs and the Red Cross Technicians.

In 15 years, they will say MINUSTAH brought homosexuality to Haiti, but it will be a justification because of those horrible rapes that occured in several parts of Haiti.

Now, they are in Haiti to sterilize our newborns as well as administering the sex gender vaccines to them. We must stand up to fight them because they are evildoers...

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Agent-x says...

The problem did not start in in 1915 but since 1804 by the same people that killed Janjak Desalin and continue to hate Aristide for the same reason. When Janjak Desalin talked about redistribution of wealth that was fraudulently acquire by the mulatt more »

Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Agent-x,can you tell me the difference,1804 and 2011 without of a solution in Haiti? Remember we are in 2011,more educated Haitians are available than the past"1804". My next question to you. Are we educated animals or educated humans? more »