Guy Philippe is the architect of the U. N. cholera & hooliganism actions

Agent-x - September 7 2011, 4:29 AM

Guy Philippe is the paragon of the great architect of the united Nations cholera and united nations hooliganism actions in Haiti.

He is masquerading as a left nationalist but is a mercenary for the CIA and the Haitian bourgeoisie.
People like Guy Philippe and the "Macoutes" are "Tiouls", "koutiers", mercenaries, assassins,butchers for the bourgeoisie class in Haiti.

They were indoctrinated to believes that their association with the bourgeoisie class give them superiority over the poor Haitians.Thus, the bourgeoisie class paid them to spy, harass,persecute, prosecute and kill any Haitian that tries to escape from the yoke of oppression. .htm

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Gizelle Salomon says...

Agent-X, as long we are allowing the rich families to control Haiti cultural and material assets we will still have coup d'etats, and occupations by foreign troops. The rich merchants owned the Haitian police,the military and the mind of the peop more »

Frantz Pierre says...

Leave Guy Philippe in peace! He is a good Haitian. If not, why do Americans try to kidnap him? We need brave and strong men like him to freed the country. more »