Buy your tickets for Sept 14th 2011 match bet Martelly & Haitian people

Agent-x - September 8 2011, 8:50 PM

Wednesday September 14th 2011 Michel Martelly will have his political match with the Haitian people.

Some sport political Scientists and economists predicted that Martelly will score his fourth goals against the haitian people or four to nothing= 4 a zero. Martelly=4, the haitian people=0.
Some political scientists and political economists pundits argue that the monies Haiti should be receiving to rebuild its infrastructure is not available because another country is temporarily using the money.

Therefore, they are playing the Premier Minister game as a means to divert the attention of the clueless Haitians.

Hello people, wake up and ask them where is the money since last year!
Someone is making some contours and detours with the money; wake up sleepy head. The foxes, renards are playing a "fin ruse" game with you.
♫ ♫ Maria lever♪♪Maria ou pa tande premier son la messe sonner♫♫♪

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Agent-x,you think you are wiseguy? Get off of that drug you are taking,i noticed for the past 3 days you are not yourself. :) more »