Communique #-1 Against MINUSTAH

Agent-x - September 14 2011, 9:21 PM

14 September 2011
Communique #-1-A
MINUSTAH is a Zinglindo Oversea Organization-ZOO or a terrorist organization.

Considering that MINUSTAH has been manhandling Haitians since their arrival in Haiti in 2004.

Considering that the MINUSTAH killed already several hundred Haitians by various means since 2004.

Realizing that MINUSTAH has been killing over six thousand Haitians with Weapons of Mass Destruction-WMD called cholera.

Alarming that MINUSTAH has been a vector of vices, crimes against nature and corruption in Haiti.

Their agents are routinely Strauss-Khanizing Haitians and sodomizing other with impunity.

Mindful of the facts that some of its members are using strong arm tactics to intimidate the Haitian police and customs agents and are involving in various type of rackets.

Consequently, the Haitian everywhere is declaring MINUSTAH a non grata group in Haiti.

Haitian everywhere is urging MINUSTAH to withdraw its entire troop before December 23rd 2011.◄►
Haitian everywhere will stage, protests including but no limiting to mass protests to inform and rally the public and world opinion about the insidious and pervert nature of the MINUSTAH mission in Haiti and elsewhere.

On November 18th 2011 we will be attending their farewell party with several sons and daughters of Capois La Mort and Jean Jacques Dessalines.

►We are convincing that MINUSTAH is a Zinglindo Oversea Organization--ZOO or a terrorist group in Haiti and MINUSTAH must go.◄

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