Hello Bernadette and Agent X This topic of Class warfare is of...

Kamoken - September 18 2011, 11:53 AM

Hello Bernadette and Agent X

This topic of Class warfare is of too great importance for it to be trivialize.

Both of you have exhibited tremendous insight into it and it is best to keep it floating with class...

Social responsibility?

Bernadette, that is what this so called elite has never learned.

I have been in one quart of the Planet and have mingled with the so called elite of those places- I must tell you Bernadette ours is the nastiest, dirtiest and the most vile one.
Bernadette and Agent x, I remember long time ago when I attended the University of Haiti, a former Minister of Defense, a so called Noiriste named Roger Lafontant walked into the Class and took a look and said: Umh...

things have changed...The discussion continued into the huge racist, discriminatory hardship, the majorite nationale had to endure to be where we were and that explained a lot--- but still when I looked around more than 70% of the class was not from the majorite nationale.

And all the elements of the class warfare were there and when Patrick Elie mentioned social responsibility in a Biochemistry class it was like he needed be murdered.

My point is Bernadette, our Parents have not taught us responsibility, it has always been they and us and now the newcomers "Vautours" of Arab descent are even worse because they have no relevance, no self identification with Haiti and they divide us more than the French have done in their former Colonies

Bernadette, imagine how beautiful it would have been from the Airport to downtown Port au Prince which is only 5 miles had we have social responsibility.

I was talking to one of them in Mexico City in the eighties and I told her Look Nig...

no one cares about you because to the eyes of the so called civilized world you are just another Nigg..May be in Haiti with your half broken french Jargon you mumble you might think you are something but you are still from the nastiest, the dirtiest, the most infected and the most illiterate of that Hemisphere and that is it
So Bernadette, Toulimen and X LET'S TRY TO MAKE IT BETTER...Our eyes are opened and let's open theirs



Frankly speaking, this class warfare in Haiti is much talked about and worn-out. This ideology has always been the...

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Kamoken, Thank you for your thoughts on such a...

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