For Haitians Who Are Looking For Jobs In Haiti

By: Toulimen Legrand - September 20 2011, 1:16 AM

Haiti is moving forward, and so is Voil

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Renal Theagene says...

My name is :RENAL THEAGENE,i have been living in the U S A for the past 32 yrs.I always dream to return and help develop this beautiful island of ours.I have developed very good business experiences and market skills, because i,ve been self employed more »

Mr. Ann Jerry Jerome says...

Yes, I would like very much a good job in Haiti, specially under our President Mr.Martelly Gorvernments regime.let me tell you a little bit about myself.I am a 45 year old Haitian man and I live in America for nearly 31 years.I have many experienced more »

Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

It's look like you never satisfied,never happy. I keep telling you to adjust your mind settings,trust me,you will be happy some day if not you will be sorry. If you don't mind clear your head with the Duvalierists. We are here to stay this time. more »

Agent-x says...

Agency-X-1804 deplores the actions of the delinquent and pervert drug addicts Duvalierists and in particular of the baboon A-2539 who continues to imposter our agents. The following forgery is another example of this: ►["Toulimen, nice to h more »

Agent-y says...

Toulimen, nice to hear from you - it has been a while. Thank you for your positive thread, which is something rarely seen on this screen. As you and i know, you have some sick sophisticated minds who are always looking for darkness in the light of pr more »

Agent-x says...

Those that defend the interests of the bourgeoisie class in Haiti could run but they cannot hide under the weight of their inherent contradictions,hypocrisy social class interests.One's could decode this by the euphemism and code word utilized to ca more »

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