Agent-x was this by agent provocateur or was it from your...

Agent-y - September 20 2011, 8:14 AM

Agent-x was this by agent provocateur or was it from your prophetic mind. I guess you can copy it and say that it was from an imposter or a tontom macout; maybe the same tonton macout who helped you to go to school and walk around Haiti with security.

May be it is from the same macout who helped you to get your visa to travel out of the country.

I have exposed you to the readers of this screen.

They are aware of your sophisticated game of shoving and pulling out sick ideas, just like a rat that bites and licks.

I guess rat pa kk.
Your idol Aristide gave us minustha and got rid of the Haitian Army, and now he is agains minustha and wants them out. Just like you agent-x you bring in sick ideas and want to blame others who are in the same trade you are in, but on the side of righteousness.

You are an intelligent sick person with a mind looking for direction out hell. I know who you are, because i am the reflection of what used to be good in you. Your mentor Aristide was also a good man once, and somehow he fell in the same hell you are now in and fighting not to stay in. I understand and i hear you crying for help, but i can not go to hell to get you out.

Your x-friend,


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