Martelly and the USA are trying to make Haiti a police state

Agent-x - September 28 2011, 12:55 PM

Martelly mistakenly believe that he could transform Haiti into a police state for the benefit of the USA and its transnational corporations under the aegis --> Haiti is open for business of repressing and killing its citizen under the supervision of the C.I.A. as that was done at the National Palace and at Fort Dimanche under the Duvalier regime.

Most Latin American Countries are in the Left. Now USA is using Haiti again.

It is responsible for the death and disappearance of over 100,000 Haitians under the Duvalier regime.

Now it is ready to start genocide in Haiti by using Martelly.

This is a reminiscing of the Duvalier era as it is stipulated in the Martelly criminal plan to reintroduce the death squad in Haiti and massive repression under the protectorate of the Americans that will give him weapons and the spying infrastructure to kill Haitians:

► "The plan also calls for creation of a "national intelligence service," a special unit to deal with terrorism threats, criminal syndicates and illegal trafficking networks.

It would also monitor "extremist organizations and movements intended to spread anarchy."◄

What will be the working definition for extremist, terrorist and anarchist?

Under this blue print anyone that criticizes the Martelly government directly or indirectly through the media, demonstration will be label of extremist and terrorist as they did under the Duvalier regime and before we know it it will bring back the death penalty.

Having a job under such regime will be a privilege not a right.

Job will go to his family, relatives, friends, his assassins and cronies as he shamelessly brings his son to the UN as part of his government which epitomizes the nepotism nature of the government.

And, anyone who will dare to criticize irregularities and abuses in such government will be label as Anarchist, extremist or terrorist or all the above.

The Americans brought back the Duvalierists.

Now they are sending American military to indoctrinate the Martelly group in interrogation and torture techniques and execution in the Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib style.

There are rumors that Martelly has already eight thousand macoutes in civilian clothes intimidating the population and committing extortion.

We are asking the population to publish on the internet any information they might have regarding the pro Martelly people, their names, pictures, whereabouts, their friends, family networks, residence, churches, night clubs, bars, Super markets, place of work, type of men and women they like, medical diagnosis, type of legal and illegal drugs they are using, their favorite dishes, and drinks, social gathering location, car license plates and other relevant habits info that might be useful for swift retaliation in case they start killing people in Haiti.

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