RE: The Trial Of Jean Claude Duvalier - Amnesty International Vs Duvalier..

Agent-x - September 28 2011, 7:45 PM

Dear Mr. Brian Andrew
Agency-X-1804 and Agent-X is congratulating you for revealing the existence of the following website:
to the Haitian community.

They say a picture worth more than a thousand words; this website is million times more eloquent than a trillion Agent-X because the facts and the graphics on fordi9-com is a testimony and speaks volumes about the ruthless atrocities perpetrated by the Duvalier regime on the Haitian people for the benefits of Washington and the transnational corporations.

Today Martelly

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Tiba says...

Amnesty International is the most disgusted group that is creating more grief and pain to the Haitian people. First of all, I am demanding that this organization changes its name to a more appropriate name like "Persecutory International." Is more »

Toulimen says...

Well said Tiba, Amnesty International is a U.S. Institution and all it wants is more social and political troubles on our lands so they can steal Haiti piece by piece.We do not need those crony capitalist institutions to dictate us morale. Duvalier k more »