FADH est une force de parasites composer de gangsters. Qui va les payer?

Agent-x - September 29 2011, 3:51 AM

The Haitian Armed Forces-F.A.D.H. is a parasitic force composed of rogues, gansters, vagabonds, violators of human rights and democratic principles.

Its aims is to maintains corruption, contraband and drug dealing.

It is there to protect the interests of the bourgeoisie and the transnational corporations by committing coup d'etats when their interests are threatens and by oppressing the peasants and maintains social inequality and forcing them to work at starvation wages while big business pay no taxes.

The FADH absorb 40% of the national budget.

Who is going to pay for the F.A.D.H. budget?

It is the the international community who will pay for them. Therefore, the international community has a right to question the validity of the F.A.D.H. presence.

The military cannot solve the politico-economical problem of a country.

The M.I.N.U.S.T.A.H. in Haiti, the Dominican Military in Dominican Republic, the U.S.A. military in the USA, the Mexican military in Mexico, military in Colombia, military in Jamaica to name a few countries are example of military that cannot solve murders and kidnapping in those respective countries.

As a matter of facts, the militaries have been part of the problems in those countries and not the solutions.

Les Forces Arm

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Agent-x, Aristide will dismantle it again? You are the parasite to me so far. You talk to much for a man,what about actions? more »

Agent-x says...

Alexander, do you know the definition of parasite? The paucity of your vocabulary is lamentable. I don't understand that you suffer from vocabulary malnutrition in the land of plenty. Also, you contradicted yourself when you mentioned Aristide. You more »

Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Agent-x,contradiction is not in my agenda. You need to revise all my messages "maybe" than you will understand,Aristide se yon chin frekan,li kab toujou panse ke li kab kraze lame sa. The fact is,he still think he is the new president of Haiti ac more »