Restoration of the Haitian National Guard

By: Toulimen - September 29 2011, 11:43 PM

The Haitian National Guard Ou la Gendarmerie Haitienne must be restored immediately not to defend the bourgeoisie's interests as it used to be in the past but to restore orders in getting rid off those kidnappers.

Haiti must use Navasa Island as known as La Navase to build a penitentiary prison to deport those gangsters, chimeres, zenglendos, operation bagdad, and others from its mainland.

Those animals do not deserve to be living on the mainland and La Navase should be their final destination.

We need a strong protection force to deal with the enemies of Haiti as earlier cited.

They are enemies against economic progress and civilization and the international community will always be called to restore order if we don't deport those undesirable Haitians.

We need a well trained army, or national guard or whatever the name one may have called it to restore order in Haiti.

Enough is enough and the time is now. We don't need an army for the Haitian bourgeois, but an army of technicians to restore order and moral authority of the Haitian state as well. Time is of the essence!

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Jean Moliere Narcisse says...

Pouvons nous respecter la Constitution a la lettre? Si c'est Oui,il nous faut une Armee professionelle more »

Jasper says...

The time is now we need the freaking ARMY NOW. The Dominicans can attact us at any moment. I don't think it is right for Haiti to be without defense. Something must be done now. more »

Douvino says...

It is sad, but You are right about that, we cannot afford it, and really i dont see how Haiti will ever get out of this mess, bagging other countries, specially the united states who are currently occupying our beloved country. And, that really pisse more »

Douvino says...

Toulimen, When was the last time you see a haitian go to this Island. Boy, you dont get it, no Haitian is allowed in that Island, not even our President. Can you go to La Navase, you messup man. more »

Douvino says...

Toulimin, For a last time my friend, we can't and will not have access to Lanavase; the american took it away from us. We are not allowed to go there for any reason, even the Haitian President is not allowed to enter these gates, or else they will more »

Douvino says...

Monche mwinm pa konn kisa gove'nman an ap tann pou kampe lame peyi ya toujou. Se le sindoming vayi sou nou, epi krabinin nou se le sa ya we nou te bezwin yon fos pou ede nou. Prezidan an fe kanpay sou sa, kounyeyam pa konn sa lap tann. more »

W Michel says...

Bernadette very good points, it's a bit long response however your points very were clearly expressed and valid. You nailed it with the reference to the Amish. more »

Brian Andrew says...

Cacique Henry - Touleman, First of all, I kept telling you that internet is public, not private. Where do you come from telling me what I can and cannot watch in my own country. The dialect, diatribes am sure are epithets that belong to you. Your ans more »

Cacique Henri says...

Brian, you are wrong. Your remark was geared toward Toulimen but I, Cacique Henry, chose to give you a reply because your racist diatribes and disparaging remarks are mostly geared toward the Haitian men. It is not the first time that you have the au more »

Brian Andrew says...

Cacique Henry aka touleman, you have proved my point one more time. If you have gone to American sites, you would have seen me there too. Where I am from, we respect women, something you have yet to learn in your lifetime. For your information, once more »

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