My name is :RENAL THEAGENE, i have been living in the U S A...

Renal Theagene - October 1 2011, 9:23 PM

My name is :RENAL THEAGENE, i have been living in the U S A for the past 32 yrs.I always dream to return and help develop this beautiful island of ours. I have developed very good business experiences and market skills, because i, ve been self employed for the past 15 years.

I know how to knock on the door and convaince new clients to try and purchase my products.

My english, french and creole are perfect.

I travelled very often to Haiti, to conduct businesses, such as:selling mack trucks and parts in return i buy wooden sculptures and paintings to sell back in the U S.I always have strong affinities with Haiti.She is always on my mind. If i, m giving this opportunity i will be a valuable asset for Voila.

(Alors me voila.)Please apprise me of any new developements as soon they arise, at your earliest convenience.

sincerely yours, Renal Theagene.


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